Music is a vast and complex subject. Its history could be said is as old as this universe. Music could be described as sentimental, because it brings cherished memories of the past in no better way. No matter how many new songs are released, a lot of us are still emotionally connected to the music from our youth, when we went out dancing or listened to records with friends. Music could express almost anything. Love and affection can be expressed and shown via music. War, bloodshed, and the incitement of rage can all be supported by music.

The rhythms of music can speed up our movements and promote physical activity, thus serving as a pleasurable energy booster. Music can make us feel happier or sadder, smile or laugh, the reason why music is considered to be a mood maker. If one is in thought why emphasis is on music here, it is because of a wonderful, highly rated smart app that the world was waiting for impatiently. Finally, Oldies FM is here to roll out the nostalgic, sweet music of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s era.

Features of Oldies FM App

All what has been mentioned to now and been continued are all found in the Oldies FM Smart App. Golden Oldies, as popularly refered, old songs, can evoke strong feelings and recollections. Almost everyone has had the experience of hearing music from long ago and being instantly transported back to that historical period, as if entering a time machine. Everything is powerfully felt, almost as if one was there in person.

Most music pundits opine, when compared to most of the modern genres currently on the market, earlier songs have a beat, voice, and song that is less altered overall and hence generates better listening pleasure and enjoyment. And here are a few of those golden memories that will never die.“Wouldn’t it be nice by The Beach Boys”, “Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan”, “The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel”, “Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash”, “(Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding”, “I Heard it Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye,” “Georgia on my Mind by Ray Charles.”

And is there any better way to enjoy the golden oldies than with the Oldies FM Smart App? With all of the said, there couldn’t be. Yes, one could still enjoy the glorious hits of the past and bring back its sentiments and continue to derive that unexplainable and invaluable moments. And the Oldies FM been in a smart app has made it even more pleasurable and easier. Load it to your most preferred smart device, be it your smartphone, tab, or the smart TV. Help yourself to the past of less stressful life in the present, and get rid of today’s stresses in the best possible manner with the sweet golden oldies brought by the wonderful Oldies FM Smart App.

Install Oldies FM on Android TV

This is the best FM app to listen all your favourite hits from 60s to 90s. This Android TV FM app support all most all Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices. If you are unable to install this application using play store, try using a third-party option. You can use Applinked app, Filesynced app, or an unlinked app. All those three are TV app store. Applinked, filesynced and unlinked allow you to create your own app store. If you want TV app store like play store, then use Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV allows you to install only the apps and games available on Aptoide TV apk.