Laptops are a necessity in today’s time and age, especially today that almost all forms of education are online. If you are looking for a laptop for your kids, then you might want to consider getting the Chrome book for kids. It is not the same as the usual laptops in the market because this one is specially designed for kids. As you all know, not all laptops are good for kids, but all Chromebooks are ideal for kids. Why? Because of the following reasons:

  • Security features – It is a cloud-based device built-in with security features that even top antivirus software can’t achieve.
  • Portable – This type of laptop is super cute and portable, which makes it compatible with the kid’s little hands.
  • Durable – Chromebooks are small and lightweight and are highly durable because they can hold up well against spills or drops.
  • Affordable – They are very affordable because they don’t have 4K screens, fast processors, or any other high-end specs because kids don’t need such features after all.
  • Secure – Chromebooks are the most secure gadget in the market. Being a could-based, it can easily back up anything you do on Google Drive. So, there’s no worrying about losing all your files once the Chromebook breaks. It also has an automatic update.
  • Intelligently built – Chrome OS is very smart in securing your files. The page and app run its own sandbox making sure that other parts of the computer won’t be compromised even in the event that your page is hacked or infected.
  • Parental control software – You can easily download parental control software, which will enable you to set limits as to what your kids can browse online. As you know, in this time and age, all information is available online – even those not ideal for kids. With parental control, you have full control as to what your kids can access online. If you are looking for the best Chromebook, you can find it at the top-mom.