TranquilityNET Is The Software That Hotels Have Always Wanted


Almost every single hotel you’ve ever been to has Property Management System (PMS) software working hard behind the scenes to make everything possible. Most hotels these days use cloud-based PMS software which completely eliminates the need for multiple servers and other pieces of hardware. Over the next 10 to 15 years, PMS software is going to take a sharp turn where more basic functions are automated and AI plays a major role in sophisticated background operations. TranquilityNET, a cloud-based PMS platform from Iceland, has the future of hotel operations on lock with a unique take on how hotels should be managed.

TranquilityNET, although it’s in a closed beta phase, has over 300 hotels in Iceland signed on for thorough testing and early reviews have been positive. These hotels have also agreed to implement TranquilityNET as their main PMS in 2021 after the official launch of the platform which is a big deal for such an early company. TranquilityNET features a whole slew of unique functions that are absent from other PMS applications such as AI-enhanced RevPAR management, a unique housekeeper assignment system and a third-party app library. The software can also be accessed on your PC, tablet or smartphone which is a must for any piece of software these days.

One of the most exciting pieces of TranquilityNET is that every license comes with a mobile application toolkit, website builder, and free domain along with unlimited cloud hosting. The software will also allow properties to implement a “reward system” so guests can earn points for their stays. Features like these, such as reward systems, have only been accessible to big players in the hospitality group such as Hilton and Marriott. By having the chance to build a dedicated app, website, and reward system, guests will be loyal and stay more often.

Hotels in Iceland will be the first to try TranquilityNET but in the summer of 2021, the software will be available worldwide. At a license cost of approximately $902 per year,  TranquilityNET is expected to become one of the most popular and affordable PMS applications in the world by the year 2026.