Communication is one of the most critical aspects of ensuring the success and growth of every organization. Consequently, many companies have adopted mobile text messaging.

People are more receptive to text messages having their mobile phones close at hand rather than emails – which remains the most popular communication tool for many businesses.

However, with more and more business transactions done via text messages, the need to capture and archive these communications are becoming increasingly important.

Several laws require businesses in both the public and financial industries to monitor text messages and voice calls. Meanwhile, government entities need to comply with various Public Records Laws and with the Freedom Information Act.

It is essential to have easy access to relevant communication or information when needed.

Fortunately, mobile archiving solutions are made easier with TeleMessage. It can effectively retain or archive mobile phone text and call for compliance and response requirements. It can also support many enterprises such as telecom carriers, government agencies, and leading brands across various industries.

Although text messaging is a more effective and more accessible form of communication, many companies and regulated industries are still reluctant to resort to this tool.

Click this infographic from TeleMessage to learn about the Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving.