Having experienced the era when sophisticated developments were not prevalent and currently having the good fortune to experience, great technological developments would like to go back in time.In the past people were 100 percent dependent on hardware like paper, cardboard to keep records and notes. Important to do things like appointments, were maintained in diaries.

Offices used exercise books and files to maintain records. These were then placed in filing cabinets and stationary cupboards. A common problem was that there was a tendency for insects to infiltrate these cupboards and cabinets and chew, dirty the stationary. To get rid of this menaceperiodical anti insect chemicals needed to be sprayed. When storage space was fully utilized in the cupboards, the stationary was placed in record rooms to facilitate new stationary to be accommodated in the cupboards and cabinets.

There were many occurrences of these record rooms catching fire and destroying the stored records. Anyone who has not experienced this process will find it hard to believe all of this. The introduction of computers and thereafter smart devices as tabs and smartphones changed this scenario head over heels. Tome this development is one of the greatest value-adding development of the century. All what was mentioned herein the past is now commonly handled by smart devices. A smartphone so light that could easily fit into a clothing pocket could do all this. Amazing is the least compliment that could be paid. A smartphone has to be looked after with proper care to make sure it’s working mechanism stays in order. Leave it to a professional who will do this. And here’s introducing the Root Booster Smart App to do the job in the most desirable manner.

Features of Root Booster

Root Booster with all of its actions will ensure the most important battery and storage is taken care of. As smartphone users we all know the value of this. Hibernation feature will put a stop to apps not used but continue to run in the background and drain unnecessary battery power. With the exclusive CPC Governor feature, it will sense any mechanism that works at excessive or low intensities and set them to work at optimal levels.

RAM where apps and data are stored has to be monitored and non used apps, data files cleaned up. These have to be set in order of usage frequency to maintain the RAM storage space optimally. RAM memory management feature will do this task.  System cleaner function will clean up any uninstalled apps, empty folders, gallery thumbnails to make available the best storage and memory capacities.  With just a tap on the Cache Cleaner free up space in the SD card and cache by cleaning cache junk.

There are many performance booster applications for not rooted Android phones. Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, CCleaner, etc. You can use any of those Android cleaners on your phone. You can easily download Clean Master app from AC Market or Happymod app store for free. No root required.

With Root Booster Smart App in your smartphone leave all the care that has to be paid to the working mechanism. Users can continue working with their inseparable smart companion, the smartphone, same way as 10 million and more users of the Root Booster Smart App already does.