Licensing for ArchiverFS and Further Information


The major product that MLtek Software company sells is ArchiverFS which is a file management program offering a file archiving solution for servers and other storage systems. It is unlike any other file archiving software as it does not use a database of any type to store files, file meta data or pointers to files. Using this approach gives ArchiverFS a very tiny footprint on any host system it is run on. This program was released first in 2002 and is now used in many organizations around the globe for the management and transfer of old files to storage.


Over the last few years, there has been a steady increase in clients or customers coming from countries that are non-English speaking. This includes a few from China as well as quite a few from Spanish speaking countries. To support this inclination, MLtek soon release a Spanish language addition of ArchiverFS. This will compliment the English, and the Chinese simplified and traditional versions that are already available. In the meantime, there is Spanish version of ArchiverFS on the product pages of their website.

Subscription licenses available

Currently there have been multiple requests to establish a subscription-based licensing version for ArchiverFS. Up until recently, all licenses were perpetual working on a “buy once use forever” foundation with annual support for renewals. In spite of the licensing cost being only a fraction of the nearest competitor and fact that ArchiverFS already embodies such an amazing value for the money, this model has the impact of front loading most of the costs. By being able to offer a subscription-based license along with the perpetual license, allows MLtek to provide another way to distribute the early costs more equally over years 2 and beyond.

Simple method

So, if you are fighting to find a simple as well as cost effective way to come to grips with your expansive file system, why not look at ArchiverFS? Whether your file system is less than 1 TB in size or essentially multiple Petabytes, this company can help you bring some order to the bedlam you now have. And it will also:

  • Save money on backups by reducing data back-up times.
  • Cut restore times in the event there is some disaster.
  • Help ensure compliance with relevant legislation in your region regarding retaining of information – for example, the Data Project Act in the United Kingdom.
  • Enables you to free up significantly more space on your expensive 1st line storage.

You can now download a trial version of ArchiverFS for free and take it for a test run. The trial download is fully functional and will let you fully explore all this program has to offer on your systems in your own time.

Other pricing options

There are several options for pricing offered including subscription, perpetual as well as even free licenses. They all offer incredible value for the money and they give you the option to choose the best alternative for you. All prices are in US dollars and are exclusive of VAT. Pricing in alternative currencies is also available when requested.

Free License

The free license version comes already pre-installed establishing up to five scheduled jobs with processing that is unlimited. The only limitation is a check of 100 files processed with each job run. You are more than welcome to use the free version as and when you need it. While we do like to hear of any problems you have while using this free version it does not formally come with any assisted support. This free version is always available to anyone – in fact, there are some clients that purchases a full license in year 1 for the bulk of their processing then go back to the free license version after the first year. They even have the option a ‘free licence‘ option for the software.

Subscription licenses

Subscription licenses providing 2TB of processing each year and support unlimited number of jobs to schedule and it starts at just $1590 a year. Pricing is established on the basis of the data amount moving from the live file system to 2nd line storage each year – in TB’s.

Base subscription license – include 2TB of processing is $1590 yearly with an additional $680 for each additional TB of processing.

Perpetual licenses

Perpetual licenses work with you making one payment up front and using the software for as long as you need. Perpetual licenses are not limited by the amount of data they are able to process, rather every type helps a maximum of scheduled archive jobs that able to be configured. Maintenance or any graveyard jobs do not count towards this total. They come with a year’s worth of updates as well as support included in the price and can be renewed annually at 20{9393208c0a92cae6ef7c796c1cb34213eb471cf369a58aeb4b1330e548245a21} of the list price at renewal time.

  • Perpetual express license with 1 job $1,755
  • Perpetual standard license with 5 jobs $4,282
  • Perpetual datacenter license unlimited jobs $11,489.


Email for order via with your requirements and they are more than happy to provide a tailored quotation based on your needs specifically. They can help advise on licensing structure that is most cost effective for you and can also supply aspects of several distributors that they are already working with should you wish to purchase through a 3rd party. This group accepts multiple payment methods including:

  • PayPal
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Bank payments
  • Cheques

There is also a 30-day payment terms for established clients as well as distributors. And discounts are available for multi-license purchases. To find out more information about their product, head on over to the ‘ArchiverFS‘ section of their website.