How to Choose the Best TV Box to Turn Your TV into Smart


Now that you are more familiar with the TV Box and Chromecast examples available on the market, we’ll give you a few more tips to choose your ideal device if there are any questions left. Check out some more instructions to help you now:

Android TV

Android TV is a unique operating system from Google, made especially for smart TVs that brings some advantages such as:

Familiar interface – being the most used worldwide, it is expected that it has adapted interfaces (Visual elements such as the microphone and the Google Now search box) for families; Play Store – store that gives access to a wide range of applications, much larger than any other competitor; Google Cast – integrated with the operating system, with it the user can transmit videos that are running on the smartphone or tablet beratement to the television; And much more…

Chrome OS (Android TV)

Simply and quickly, Chrome OS is an operating system developed by Google and launched in 2010, which is based on the use of the Google Chrome internet browser as a user interface. In this browser the user has access to the web and Google services.

Therefore, the focus of this operating system is to provide a practical experience for those users who spend most of their time using their computer to surf the internet, something increasingly common today.

Roku OS (Roku Express)

Basically, Roku OS is an operating system present in devices such as tv box Roku Express, offering the main streaming services of your store such as: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Globoplay.

Like webOS and Android TV, Roke OS integrates several apps that can be used directly on the TV through the device-specific remote control with the system.

Fire OS (Amazon)

Being an amazon-exclusive system, Fire OS is an operating system that, based on android, has as main objective to promote the content available through Amazon services such as Amazon Appstore, Amazon Video, Amazon MP3, and Kindle Store.

In addition, the home screen of this system is very dynamic, with:

Carousel of content; List of recently accessed applications; Shelf of favorites; Separate sections for each type of content, be it games, music, books, among others; Search function; Among others…

TV OS (Apple)

Finally, to close the topic of choice of operating systems, we have an Apple exclusive: the TV OS. I believe that this is the main competitor of Android TV, although it is much less accessible to some people in price. You only find this operating system on Apple devices, which, in themselves, are already expensive.

Anyway, this system has somewhat different features from Android TV, being preferred by many people. Not least because they are considerably faster and more functional in processing.