How is Remote Access Software Important for Your Enterprise?


Gone are the days when businesses depended on IT professionals’ physical presence to carry out their business operations. 

The era of digitalization has revolutionized remote access tools with zero trust network capabilities that help businesses securely continue their operations in a remote work environment.

Let’s see how remote access software is paramount for enterprises. 

But first, you’d want to get the basics clear.  

How Does Remote Access Software Work?

Remote access software establishes a remote connection between your servers and the devices you want to give remote access to. You can set up this connection in three ways.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN enables you to connect to a private network over the internet. It allows employees to safely access the company’s network from anywhere in the world, making it an essential tool for enterprises. 

You have to configure devices to connect to the VPN using an account with your VPN provider. Once connected, the employees will be able to access the private network as if they were on the same local network. 

Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

VNC allows you to view and control another computer over the internet. This can be useful when your employees need to access their computers while they are away or if they need to provide remote support to someone. 

To set up VNC, install a VNC server on the computer you want to access and connect to it using a VNC client. The server will generate a special session, and you’ll be able to see and control everything on the screen.

Internet Proxy Servers

Using an internet proxy server, all data sent between your computer and the internet is first routed through the proxy server. Your IP address and any other personal information are hidden from view, providing you with greater security and privacy. 

Additionally, proxy servers can help speed up your internet connection by caching frequently accessed websites and data.

The Benefits of Remote Access Software

The following are the benefits of remote access software. 

Quick Response Times

When you have employees who work remotely, they may just be able to get on the phone or email immediately. 

With remote access software, they can quickly and easily connect to your systems and get the information they need. This can improve communication and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Cost Savings

Remote access software can reduce costs by eliminating the need for travel. Since it allows employees to work remotely, you can save on office space and other related costs. 

Finally, remote access software can also be used for monitoring and managing server infrastructure, which can help reduce the overall IT costs for a business.

Any Device, Any Location

A Remote access software can help you troubleshoot issues on devices you may not be able to physically access, saving a lot of time and frustration. It provides a great deal of flexibility and convenience, making it a valuable tool for anyone who needs to manage multiple devices. 

The software can also streamline customer support with ticketing software, as agents can remotely access customers’ computers to help resolve issues. 

Improves Productivity

Remote access software allows the workforce to work from anywhere in the world, which can be a huge productivity booster for companies with remote or international workers. 

Additionally, it streamlines communication and collaboration between employees and provides a secure and convenient way to access company files and data from any location.

Why is Remote Access so important nowadays?

Perhaps the most obvious reason is that it allows employees to work remotely. It can be a great benefit for enterprises, as it can save on overhead costs. 

Additionally, remote access can allow employees to work more flexibly and potentially increase productivity. For example, an employee with young children at home may be able to better balance her work and personal life by working remotely a few days a week.

It can also help companies stay connected and efficient during times of crisis. For example, if there is an emergency preventing employees from coming into the office, being able to work remotely can help keep the business running. 

Partner with Infraon for Zero Trust Remote Access Software

Infraon’s Zero Trust Remote Access Software ensures that only authorized users can access your network, regardless of location. 

By eliminating the need for a VPN, Infraon provides a more secure way to connect to your network from anywhere in the world. Contact us to learn more about our software and how it can benefit your business.