The truth is that there are many who have lost their digital currencies for various reasons. The amount rather runs into tens of billions in dollars since blockchain technology’s launch. Most coins are lost either resulting from human errors if wallet keys or wallets get misplaced. The question is here is how to recover such lost crypto keys and wallets. Doing some search, you can come across tips on how you can recover blockchain wallet.

Methods to recover lost cryptocurrencies

There are indeed a couple of ways by which you will be able to recover your lost crypto keys and wallets. Two methods are generally used for recovering such lost coins. 


Such services can assist in recovering valuable stolen or lost keys. They mostly rely upon mammoth processing power. Using brute force, it becomes possible to avail appropriate key combination to the wallet. Such firms generally need users to provide information on some parts of their lost keys. Seed data of even small snippets can help diminishing processing time. Most legitimate services tend to ask for a particular percentage as compensation of the holdings. Those providing illegitimate services might ask upfront money without any guaranteed results. It is almost impossible to break any crypto wallet without the partial code. Huge processing power will be essential to break down this encryption level without numerous existing data bits. Hence, it will be profitable to mine coins with this power rather than using for hacking wallets. 

Data extraction from Hard Drives:

Many Crypto users have reported losing cryptocurrency keys and wallets. Previously, it was the crypto miners who were mostly affected, since most of them mined as well as hosted keys and wallets using their personal computers. At that point of time, they simply did not have any idea of crypto prices skyrocketing some time later. A good number of crypto keys and wallets have been lost with time with users merely deleting them. Millions have lost or simply destroyed Bitcoins unknowingly. Using crypto recovery services, many have managed to recover their lost coins. Existing data recovery technology is good enough to help recreate those deleted files, thus providing them with access to their earlier stored keys and wallets.

Tips to avoid losing Crypto keys and wallet

Loss of funds along with associated inconveniences can be done away with by preventing loss of crypto keys or wallets. 

Secure backup:

In case using crypto non-custodial wallet, store mnemonic recovery phase at any secure location. This way, you can get access to lost keys. Write down seen on some paper and store it safely. 

Custodial Wallet:

If taking direct responsibility of wallet key is found to be extremely risky, then this wallet is preferred. It is the third party who manages the owner’s private keys. These are mostly web-based and hence, much more convenient when compared to non-custodial wallets. 

Using a well-established and reliable crypto wallet recovery service will ensure retrieving lost keys and wallets. Moreover, you can enjoy dealing in cryptocurrencies without any worry.