Whiteboard Challenge: An Innovative Change to Tech Interview Practices

Whiteboard Challenge An Innovative Change to Tech Interview Practices

Within the tech industry, there are three types of technical interviews you need to be aware of: system design, coding, and behavior. And for most tech interviews, coding is the most important one.

Entry-level software engineers tend to face 3-4 rounds of interviews which can range from half an hour to an hour each. Most of them consist of coding questions but there can be a few behavior questions mixed in between. In contrast, in the senior roles such as managers and tech leads, more questions are focused on behavior and system design questions. But coding still remains an essential core of the whole interview.

However, it can be quite tough to figure out what questions are exactly asked during these interviews since there has never been a guidebook before that can tell you exactly what you will need to prepare for. In other words, you are going into the interview with no idea what will happen and there are very few obstacles you can control. But despite that, it does not mean that you have no means of knowing what lies ahead in the interviews.

Consider looking into Whiteboard Challenge which is currently known to be the best multi-award-winning tech show around the globe that aims to improve the tech community. It is a three-paneled judge show with a theme of legitimate software engineers solving code tests until a candidate gets withdrawn for the time-restricted challenge phase.

Whiteboard Challenge was created by Michael Kureth and is focused on serving its primary purpose to advocate for equality, diversity, and inclusion of individuals who wish to pursue a career as a software engineer or software engineering-related positions.

Once the show comes to a close, each professional engineer judge who has been examining the skills of the candidate and works on assessing the results. Once they have come to a conclusion, they tell the candidates about which role in the tech industry would be best for them and where they can thrive the most. Additionally, the series also includes showcasing methods to improve the overall interview process while adhering to federal laws while keeping the show entertaining.

Since it was aired, the public has shown a massively positive response to the show due to its unique entertainment value of being both compelling to watch and being able to learn from it. What sets them apart from most reality game shows that use general knowledge as a basis for their challenges, Whiteboard Challenge focuses on illustrating skills that require exceptional talent which is gradually becoming a skill requirement on a basic level within technical education.

Furthermore, the whole series ensures that participation in the show can be done by anyone, giving everyone a chance to be treated on equal terms. This way, they provide an entertaining and educational platform to inspire young aspiring engineers to grow further interest in their field and take the first steps into applying for their engineering interviews without any fear.

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