Visit Panama

You are most welcome to the land of Reinvented Panama.

Visit Panama

Visit Panama

Known as the crossroads of Northern and Southern America, Panama has its own share of tourist attractions. It would not be a farfetched statement when we will say that this place is designed for tourism activities. It has a coastline that touches two oceans, it has a share of natural attractions and rainwater forests and most importantly, the people of Panama know that how to let oneself loose while enjoying this Gala party called life. If the party fun and wild natural hunts top your agenda of activities then visit Panama.

Just Be Yourself, You Are In Panama

During the era of 60’s the concept of tourism was fun-centric, it was the time when rich tourists and international travelers were searching for alien lands where they can release loads of their heavy personalities and enjoy life in its simpler terms. Panama was a hot destination during that era. The commercial activity of the country was attracting infrastructure facilities for the country and its strategic geographical location was constantly bringing it in the highlight. These were the hay days of Panama tourism industry because the things were working in their favor.

The Era of Budget Travelers and Packages Shifted the Tide against the Panama

Travel Panama Destinations

At the turn of this century, international tourism changed its face, the frequent availability of the flights and internet presented an opportunity to some small and unsung destinations to come into the front. It was also the time when tourism became a planned activity and customers started planning their own itineraries, this change in the trends forced Panama to move onto the back seat and other destinations of Central America super seeded it.

Welcome to the Reinvented Panama

Visit Panama and plan an itinerary on your own, this is the clear mantra. In its current position, Panama carries the same old charm of being a party town and this time you can arrange a party on your own. Here we would like to add some factors related to the cost advantage. The average cost of living in Panama is lower than most of the other countries this is why you can expect some amazing deals if you are planning a long haul stay in Panama.

How Many Days Are Sufficient for Panama?

Places in Panama

Based on the list of the activities that this place offer, if you want to adopt a touch and go approach then five days are more than sufficient for Panama. On the other hand, if you are planning a long haul stay them regular adventure activities, sightseeing options and the party quotient of the country can keep you engaged for an optimum time of fifteen days. Including the main Panama City, there are eight more cities in Panama and most of them are rich in nature, climate, and ambiance.

Touch the Inhabited Corners of San Blas Island or Become a Part of the Fun Crowd in Bocas Del Toro

Bocas Del Toro is a small town located on the shore of Caribbean Sea, this town is always abuzz with tourism activities and the vibrant colors of the buildings can add nice shine in all your selfies that you are planning to click on this location. Panama is also very popular for its festivals and if you want to feel the essence of this festivity then Bocas Del Toro is the right place for that. San Blas Island, on the other hand, limits your life and brings you closer to the wilderness of nature. It is a different kind of experience where you will feel that you living in a huge camp created by nature for you.

Marine Park of Santa Catalina and Boquete Are Two Different Colors of the Same Rainbow 

Beaches in Panama

Explore Santa Catalina for its commerce associated with the fishing, have some fun on the beaches in the real party spirit of Panama and then visit this marine national park to collect some pearls of wisdom about the unexplored water kingdom of nature. The small town of Boquete is a small valley of the flower where you can witness the true smiling colors of nature and float in a zip line over the cloudy forest ranges.


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