New York Flights

Visit New York at any time of the year and you will not be disappointed. Make deals with the last minute flights to New York and fall in love with this mesmerizing city.

New York Flights

Better known as the ‘City of Dreams’, New York is a place set foot by the dreamers, artists and budding entrepreneurs who arrive in the city hoping to realize their dreams and opportunities. When you first land in this beautiful city, its glitter, stained sidewalks, changing leaves in Central Park and dreamy storefronts on the Fifth Avenue is literally going to sweep you off your feet and make you fall madly in love with this city forever. So it is wise that you know what to do and what places you visit before you visit New York and your plane lands at the JFK airport.

Traffic Is Going To Be a Spoiler, So Be Cautious When You Plan the Travel Time

New York being a big city has excellent transportation facilities like the yellow cabs, Uber cars and subway options so that getting around is easy. But just as the case with populated cities, it has its share of traffic woes like the subway delays, stalled lines and other accidents that can make your travel itinerary plans go haywire. So when you visit New York, always hold some time as spare when you are chalking out the travel plans, like you can easily add 10 minutes of extra commute time in the list always.

When Traveling By the Subway Car, Follow the Herd

New York Subway Train

Usually, the R train is jam-packed with commuters, but you can occasionally get to see a deserted subway car. You may thank your stars and run in that direction to get a good seat for yourself while the regular New Yorkers will still prefer to cram in the overcrowded train car. If you are bewildered know that it is unoccupied for a reason. The air-conditioning may not be working or some stench inside it may be unbearable. So always ditch that empty subway car and follow the herd when you make plans for places to visit in New York.

Don’t Limit Your Shopping to Manhattan

With New York growing by leaps and bounds, the rentals have peaked with the average cost of renting in the city touching above $3000. This has made it tough for small shops and historic store fronts resulting in them either shutting down or moving to other affordable boroughs. The places in Brooklyn and Queens have taken center-stage with charming shops and stellar restaurants popping up all over them. So when you plan for places to visit in New York move beyond Manhattan and explore these places which make up for the unique flavors of the city.

Know Your Airport Transfers Beforehand

New York Airport

Upon exiting the terminals of both the JFK and LaGuardia Airports, you will be inundated with the transportation options. The gypsy cabs just cheat on the unsuspecting weary travelers with high prices, so beware of them. The best option is to order Uber or the yellow taxi from the taxi stand. There are rail services in the form of AirTrain from JFK to Howard Beach stop and then catch a local subway. Also, you can hop on the M80 bus from LaGuardia with services to Manhattan. Whether it is the advanced booking of flight tickets or the last minute flights to New York, plan your airport transfers well in advance.

Sightseeing Itinerary Needn’t Necessarily Be Heavy on the Pockets

Get the New York City pass to visit many of the popular city attractions thus saving on your admission passes. So you can visit the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center Observatory without feeling the pinch in your pocket. The admission prices for some museums like the Metropolitan Museum is donation based while the others charge a nominal entry fee. So living maybe expensive but not necessarily the places to visit in New York is so.

New York Isn’t Just Times Square

Best New York Place

The Times Square is surely the commercialized epicenter of New York with chaos and overprices ruling the scene here. Don’t get stuck in Times Square because there are still more popular places to visit in New York. The best is to visit the intersection, click a few random snaps and move on to other interesting places.

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