Aruba Flight Tickets

Aruba Flight Tickets

Aruba Island along with Bonaire and Curacao was originally populated by the Caquetio who were the American Indians related to Arawak. The Spanish conquest in 1499 meant that the island remained aloof since it never had any agriculture or mineral wealth which could appease the attackers. The Dutch meanwhile took charge of the island in 1636 and it continued to be subdued until gold was discovered in the 1800s. So, hurry up, get into your travel shoes and book cheap Flights to Aruba.

The Turquoise Caribbean Waters of Aruba Beckon You

The island of Aruba has always diligently bowed to the constant changes in the economic climate. Until the early part of the twentieth century mining was the backbone of its economy till it became unprofitable. Later Aruba shifted gear to major oil-refining operation which supported it economically till the early 1900s. Later, it decided on the dedicated shift to tourism and today this island hosts hordes of visitors every year that the national culture and tourism industry has so beautifully intermingled with each other. Make the United Airlines booking to Aruba to get acquainted to its progressive culture.

Know about Aruba

Round Trip Flights to Aruba

If you are curious to know what attracts tourists to Aruba, then definitely beaches rank high in the list. But apart from its pristine waters, what draws the crowd here are the excellent facilities, vibrant nightlife, nature, water sports, pleasant climate and the ever-friendly locals. The U.S Dollar is accepted everywhere here and English is spoken universally which makes hospitality rank a few notches higher than any other tourist destination. Get a chance to enjoy their hospitality by booking round trip flights to Aruba either by flights from Newark to Aruba and flights from JFK.

The Mixed Culture and Diverse Attractions

Aruba, the Dutch Caribbean Island is a charming mix of contrasts because you witness cacti with surfing, casinos with wild lands and the Dutch culture in a mixed language Papiamento. Papiamento is the amalgamation of the Portuguese, Dutch, West African and Spanish language. If you think that people come here only to enjoy the intoxicating beaches and its uber cool luxurious resorts, then know that this Dutch Caribbean Island has its natural scene intact with the Arikok National Park. Get mesmerized by the twisted divi-divi trees, landscape full of cacti and derelict gold mines. Come to Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba and get soaked instantly in pleasurable gambling and explore the gastronomical delights of Continental and local cuisine. Shop for the local crafts from artisans or opt for the Delft pottery. Explore the cultural richness by searching United Airlines Booking to Aruba and book for cheap flights to Aruba.

Things not to miss in Aruba

Aruba Cheap Flight

Strut in the mile-long stretch of L.G Smith Boulevard (The Strip) which houses innumerable cafes, designer boutiques, restaurants and a Palm Beach Plaza, a shopping mall. Watch the shining gleam of cruise ships anchored in the Oranjestad Harbor and see the countless eager tourists spill into the downtown. Gaze at the colorful cunucu, the country style Aruban houses till it gets stretched out to a cacti studded rocky desert which is the protected Arikok National Park which covers a considerable 20% of the landmass. You can either board the flights to Aruba from JFK or try for deals in the flights from Newark to Aruba whichever is the best possible option and head to this beautiful island.

Plan for Outings When in Aruba

  • Enjoy the crystal clear water and the white sands of the Eagle beach and the ABC islands.
  • Water adventure sport is not to be missed when you cruise along the stretch of blue waters.
  • Visit the Aruba Historical Museum and the Fort Zoutman to know about this island’s past.
  • Enter the colorful bars and shops in downtown Oranjestad
  • Arikok National Park means full of hiking, cave-exploring and some off-road experience.
  • Latch on to the round trip flights to Aruba

Travel season to Aruba

The early months of the year are overcrowded with Americans and Europeans pitching tents here to escape the harsh winter of their homelands. The travel season lasts all through the year because of Aruba’s tropical climate. Book your tickets on cheap flights to Aruba.

Get your travel bags and jet, set and go to this beautiful island on the cheap flights to Aruba.

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