Cheap flights to Rome Italy

Cheap flights to Rome Italy

Cheap Flights to Rome Italy

You got to travel to Rome in Italy to see the vibrant city which prides itself in its glorious powerful past and has yet embraced the present beautifully. Emperors, artists or poets, each have left their incredible mark on the city spanning over 2500 years and this is evident in the archaeological remains from ancient Rome, the full-of-art churches and the treasure troves in the Vatican City. Even though Rome is a place fit for exploration still you can practice the sweet art of doing nothing or lying idle as in the Italian-perfected il dolce far niente by just strolling in a charming piazza or sipping wine in Campo de’ Fiori. So, board the flights from Chicago to Rome and be a spectator to the alluring past of the city.

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Know Rome before Embarking There

The world’s most inspiring and romantic city, Rome is Italy’s capital and has a heady mix of historic ruins, vibrant street life and an awesome art scene. Don’t be surprised if you are standing next to or more probably beneath the early ruins or classic Christian places of worship when you are at the Renaissance palazzos or Baroque fountains.  Alongside, relax in one of the many Italian trattorias and enjoy the apervito scene with a glass of wine or Campari and some small nibbles like bruschetta, cheese or focaccia. You can also soak in the pulsating energy of an art form called the theatre which attracts art lovers from across the globe. Hop on to one of the last minute flights to Rome to enjoy your apervito hour by traveling in low cost airlines.

Taste Dolce Vita Lifestyle – Rome Travel Guide

Cheap flights to Rome Italy

A trip to Rome is also about enjoying the dolce vita lifestyle as much as gorging seriously on the art and culture. So as the heat gives way to the evening cool, the tempo of the city rises and you will witness crowds descend on the city’s bars and cafes. These are full of activity with palazzos and some other popular haunts reverberating with cheerful and friendly banter and finally, when the night descends, the hordes of people just disappear into the cocktail bars and late-night clubs. If you want to be a part of the nightlife scene search for a low cost airlines and book your ticket in one of the cheap flights to Rome Italy.

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Abundance of Artistic Riches

With home to astonishing artistic heritage, only a few cities in the world can rival its history in arts. Rome had always supported the artists to push their boundaries of creative achievement and this is witnessed in the city awash with priceless treasures. The Byzantine mosaics and Renaissance frescoes adorn the city churches, the ornate facades decorate the medieval piazzas and the world-class ancient statues adorn the museums. Just walk around and what you will see are the masterpieces by the art giants- sculptures by Michelangelo, canvases by Caravaggio, fountains by Bernini and frescoes by Raphael. If this art scene is what you want to get treated to then book the last minute flights to Rome.

Feast in Rome

Rome Italy cheap tickets

Strut around the picturesque streets or simply while away your time at a street side trattoria munching on the Italian pizza- all these are a part of the extraordinary Roman experience. You are never short of tasting a truly Roman meal in a neighborhood trattoria or the pizzeria. Indulge in the thin crust pizzas, pasta and white wines from the hills and finally finish off with the gelato or world famous Italian coffee. So, check out on the surprise deals on American Airlines Los Angeles to Rome (LAX- FCO) if you are putting up at the US Midwest. You never know, you might steal a deal in one of the low cost airlines.

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American Airlines Los Angeles to Rome (LAX- FCO)

The American Airlines is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and is the world’s largest airline when measured by the number of destinations served. It caters to an extensive international and domestic network of around 6,700 daily flights spanning 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. Check for cheap flights to Rome Italy in the low cost airlines and you will not be disappointed with your travel plans. So travel in style in the flights from Chicago to Rome and do not miss this not-to-be-missed travel destination.

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