Best Places in Costa Rica

Most of the first-timers become full timers in Costa Rica explore this marked heaven for the tourists.

Best Places in Costa Rica

Man-made industries and commercial establishments and God created recreation and amusement for him to re-energize. Pay a first-time visit to Costa Rica and we are sure that this thought will capture your mind at once. Visit Costa Rica and witness the charm of this quite land that carries smoldering volcanoes in its heart.

Pioneer in the Field of Eco-Tourism, This Place Offers You the Original Form of Nature 

Many tourist places are offering, “Manufactured nature” under them of natural delight. Nature is something else. Nature never invites you to the land of convenience; it invites you to conquer the challenges and search for comfort in a symbiotic fashion. Costa Rica as a pioneer in the field of Eco-Tourism offers the same spirit of symbiotic relationship with nature. Visit Costa Rica and start your love affair with nature all over again. Most of the venues in Costa Rica are modified with the principle of nature first and tourist later ideology and this ideology makes it a different place altogether.

Choose the Right Part and Explore One Part in One Journey

For an international tourist, Costa Rica offers three points of landing or three international airports. Many times tourists find it difficult to choose the right landing point. Just check the fare chart of Costa Rica Airlines and you will get the answers. The destination remains the same but the fare changes for all the three airports. Costa Rica is a small country, which is well connected with the cab services. Choose the lowest fare airport and calculate a number of cab services to the desired destination and you are home with the selection of the landing point in the Costa Rica.

Small Landscape Filled with Volcanic Opportunities to Have Fun

RainForest in Costa Rica

While looking for the things to do in Costa Rica you come across a list of activities that might sound identical to you. For instance, a visit to a rain forest or a visit to some island for adventure activity is the same thing everywhere. However, if you are doing it in Costa Rica then it is a different ball game, because this time you are not visiting a rain forest, this time you are visiting a rain forest located next to a quiet volcano, this makes a difference in the flora, fauna and the natural habitat. Its proximity with the seashore also adds a new glamour into the destination and completes the circle for a tourist if he is seeking for a variety his selfie album.

Birding and Diving Bring You Closer to the Elements of Nature

Birding destination in Costa Rica

There are more than 10 birding destinations in Costa Rica, no matter which part of this place you are exploring, you are close to one of the birding destinations and pay a visit. Diving facilities in Costa Rica expose to its rich floral and faunal variety under water. This destination also offers you the option of deep-sea fishing where you can capture some amazing sea jewels and have them on your dinner table in the evening.

Complete the Cycle of Yoga, Bicycling and Golf Course 

Costa Rica is an economic destination when we compare it with regular eco-tourism promoting destinations. Most of the other destinations have high price tags because of the investments that are involved in the development of the destination; Costa Rica is close to nature and serving no pressures meeting with break-even points or overheads. This is why you can plan a long haul stay here and you can also make bicycling, yoga and golf course-related activities a part of your daily routine when you are staying here.

Feel Like a Knight in the Shining Armor and Ride a Horse to Some Fun Destinations

Horse Riding in Costa Rica

Have some horse riding fun in Costar Rica, if you are not fit for trekking and other activities then covering a trek while riding a horse can be a great option for you. Horse Riding expeditions of Costa Rica are a great example of ecotourism as well. The only other option that can beat a horse riding experience is the mountain biking or exploring Costa Rica on a bicycle. On the closing note, we can say that return to the days of innocence and become a repeat traveler in the land of Costa Rica.

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