Aruba is a small Dutch Caribbean island. This is considered as the best Caribbean island with no shortage of beautiful beaches. Travel trips to Aruba can be guaranteed as best family vacations; it has most of the sunny days than any other Caribbean island. The temperature in Aruba is 82 degrees in the day around the year, along with refreshing wind and low humidity, which makes it the perfect destination for a beach vacation. The island has more than you can ever imagine, apart from gorgeous beaches, it is rich in culture, heritage, delicious food, fun activities and much more. There are plenty of things to do in Aruba, book cheap flights on Unitedwebsdeals and get ready for an unusual experience. Along with best beach vacations, this place is one of the top wreck diving destinations. Aruba also boasts a wide variety of accommodations for every traveler, such as hotels, resorts, condos, and timeshares. Coming back to beaches, let’s explore the blond sandy beaches of this charming destination:

# Eagle Beach

This quieter beach is ranked as the second best beach in the world. This is one of the most spectacular beaches in Caribbean region. This is the widest beach in Aruba and is famous for its powdery sand; gentle surfs in turquoise water are perfect for swimming. This beach offers ample parking and great picnic areas. This is a popular beach and during peak seasons it gets crowded, visit here early morning to enjoy the true beauty of this beach.

# Baby Beach

Baby Beach is true Caribbean paradise and is famous for sunbathing and snorkeling. Take flights to Aruba and head towards this perfect place for families to hang out with shallow waters. The Water level is generally between knees and waist deep. The warm and clear water of this beach offers a great opportunity for snorkeling to children and to the travelers learning snorkeling. The cautions are required outside the large shallow lagoon due to strong waves. Baby Beach is accessible by public bus, car or taxi. This is a great place to enjoy and relax for families, with great picnic spots.

# Palm Beach

Located on the west side of Aruba, this beach is popular for white powder sand calm water. This is an excellent spot for visit and relaxes, and the calm water offers the amazing swimming opportunities. There is a sidewalk leading you to the high-rise resort. The beach features several bars, restaurants and water sports. Everyone visiting here will not be disappointed with Aruba travel.

# Surfside Beach

This beach is just 2 minutes drive from the airport and is located in 5 minutes away from the downtown Oranjestad. Enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beach while relaxing under the Kwihi trees.  The beach has white sand with some pebbles and stones and offers facilities such as bars, bathroom, and beach chairs.

# Malmok Beach

Malmok beach is a perfect place for fishing and snorkeling. This is located in remote area, on the northwestern shore. Its main road is leading to California Lighthouse. This beach is a popular place during early morning and late afternoon hours for outdoor activities.

# Hadicurari Beach

This beach is known as Fisherman’s hut was once home to island’s fishermen. The beach has shallow water and is famous for windsurfing and kite-surfing. This beach offers many sporting events organized throughout the year. The Aruba Hi-Winds tournament, is one of biggest windsurfing event in the Caribbean is held every year in June or July at Hadicurari Beach

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