Playa beach of Fajardo

Search for a Hideout in a Hidden Beach in Puerto Rico.

Playa beach of Fajardo

Visit Puerto Rico and say goodbye to the shy couple in you and feel the adventures of the love on a hidden beach at this place. Yes, it is a new adjective that many moony-eyed couples have discovered while exploring many unsung beaches of Puerto Rico. First thing is first, the climate of the Puerto Rico and the people of the Puerto Rico both promote the concept of the love in the air. The sensuous touch of health-giving sea breezes can bring in a moon like a sparkle in the romance and convert every afternoon into a brunch afternoon quite easily.

Explore the Rocky Terrine of Culebra and Search for Some Rock Moments

Isla Culebrita Beach Puerto Rico

Not anybody discussing tips for traveling to Puerto Rico might ever tell you about Isla Culebrita, which is a tiny island located at the water outskirts of Puerto Rico. This coral island invites you for all those hands in hand beach walks along with some rocky trails for slight adventure. This place can be accessed with the help of a taxi boat. This excursion to a lonely beach can act like an extension to your well-planned honeymoon night adventures stretching to a lovely morning and a sultry afternoon.

Snorkeling Is Only a Backdrop at Punta Soldado

Punta Soldado Puerto Rico

Most of us think about best airline to fly to Puerto Rico. We think in the terms of economy associated with the tour. We try to achieve packed itineraries where we can cover maximum destinations in a short period. If you are a honeymoon couple or you are a couple seeking to ignite the love all over again then, ditch these wise plans and retire to Punta Soldado, it is a beach with great snorkeling activities. Harbor it with an intention to go for snorkeling and search for lovely moments in between because this beach offers amazing privacy to the couples and intimate love moment seekers.

A Hideout of Pirates Can Be Your Favorite Love Hideout in Cabo Rojo

Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

If love is a chest of happiness then small islands located in the Cabo Rojo are the best place where you can hunt for a treasure of intimate moments amidst nature while enjoying the sea breeze. The chirping sound of some endangered birds can add a distinctive music in your romantic outings. However, if you are planning to make a visit to this beach then in the true spirits of a pirate never forget to bring your own gears like a beach umbrella and others. The isolation of this place can also create a shortage of necessary supplies for you. However, if you are seeking for a soft love adventure then you were always looking forward to this place.

It’s a Fun Society in a Fun World Waiting for You at the Pinones Beach of Carolina

Pinones Beach of Carolina, Puerto Rico

You might have seen all the beaches in this very popular series “Baywatch.” If red was the primary color of “Baywatch” then the shades of purple and indigo are marking this fine beach of Carolina under the name of Pinones beach. Located at the distance of two miles from the hustle bustle of San Juan, the Pinones beach offers a purple haze of relaxation to moony-eyed couples seeking for a solace during their hay days of love and romance. You can also get an access to many soft adventure activities like Kayaking and boating on this beach. The boardwalk next to this beach is a real feast of aphrodisiac seafood to fill your appetite needs.

Playa Escondida Is a Jewel Hidden Next to the Mangrove Forests of Fajardo


Playa beach of Fajardo

The pristine nature of this beach can be adjudged by the fact that you need to clear your own trash and carry it back to the dustbins of the civilization that are located two miles away from this place. Plan a day in Fajardo and enjoy this open privacy on a beach. A trail of two miles between the mangrove forests takes you to them. Once you are there then you will get this feeling as if you own this land and it will become your personal love paradise for the time being. Gain energy and burn some calories of love on this beach during the sunny days. The magic hours can also cast a magic upon you when you are in Playa beach of Fajardo.

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