Cheap Flights from Orlando to Miami

Cheap Flights from Orlando to Miami

Miami Itinerary

One city that pays tribute to its glorious past and yet is eagerly embracing the cutting-edge of what is next is Miami. You will find the high-fashion-couture-filled streets in the Design District to the Art Deco-lined shores in Miami Beach and that is the magic of this city. And if you are in search of a city to dig up glamour then this Magic City is for you as it has been the perfect playground for the world’s fashion trendsetters for nearly a century. Book cheap Orlando to Miami flights to enjoy the warm tropical weather in Miami.

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Beach Fun in Miami

If you are in for a retreat along the exquisite beachfront properties then visit the scenic South Beach in Miami, which is the most preferred winter destination each year. Dive deep into the sea with the best snorkeling and scuba diving which the city offers and view the underwater marine life and spectacular coral reefs. You can also just sit relaxed surrounded by lush tropical vegetation in neighborhoods like the Coconut Grove and get influenced by the Latin American culture and cuisine as seen in Miami. Book cheap Orlando to Miami flights and visit this city between March and May for the best temperatures.

Miami Beachfront Attractions

Flights to Miami Beach

Miami is filled with over a dozen beaches and has a shoreline which can accommodate anyone. So get sun tanned in the tourist hotspot South Beach or enjoy the quietness in the secluded Surfside. Go for a sea ride with the Thriller Miami Speedboat Tours when you book your cheap Orlando to Miami flights; you will know why Miami Beach is the go-to location for vacationers.

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Life beyond the Beach in Miami

Spend some time in Miami city to explore the city beyond South Beach. It is worth the taxi fare if you are planning to spend an evening in proper Miami and get enthralled by the culture here. Miami is completely different from the ‘Miami Beach’ which the people use interchangeably and is linked by a series of causeways. Miami city has some beautiful museums like the Philip Frost Museum of Science and Patricia and the perfect eateries in Downtown Miami and Coral Gables. Try the airline tickets to Orlando Florida and catch the connecting Miami flight to know about the rich culture of the city.

Best Time to Travel to Miami

Miami is best enjoyed from March to May because the weather is warm but not swampy when the whole of the US is trying to shake off the cold weather. If you want to look for deals, try visiting Miami with the connecting cheap Orlando flights in the middle of summer. You can get great deals even on accommodation if you don’t mind the sweltering and humid summer heat with occasional thundershowers. Extend your stay to the Miami Spa Month between July and August or the Miami Space Month between August and September and experience a plethora of activities at pocket-friendly prices.

Fly High in Cheap Orlando to Miami Flights

Orlando Flights Tickets

If you are planning to visit the sunny Orlando and want to visit another vacation spot in Florida, then a short flight will get you to the gorgeous beaches of Miami. So there you have a double whammy of having enjoyed vacation in Orlando and Miami when you travel back to ‘wherever-your-home-is’ on flights from Orlando to New York or on flights from Orlando to Atlanta.

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Cheap Orlando Flights
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