Santa Monica Beach

Visit California

Visit to California; and we are suggesting it because of two reasons, the first reason is associated with the variety of tourist attractions that this place offers, and the second reason is associated with the availability of cheap United Airlines flight that has created an amazing connectivity with the place. Before we get into the details of the major attractions of this place, we will like to tell you that California is an amazing destination and it always leaves you yearning for more. No wonder, the repeat value of this destination is so amazing that we have already seen it in many Hollywood films but still it looks fresh. In this compilation, we are highlighting some hot spots as they are mentioned in the tourism booklet of united airlines.

Feel Relaxing Calm Santa Monica Beach amidst Chirping Surroundings

Santa Monica Beach

Divided by a pier this three-point five-mile long beach offers many activities like biking and water adventure.  The soft sand of the beach makes it for laying a towel. Giant wheels and other attractions make it fit for families along with the couples. This beach offers separate walking and biking paths. While planning something special at this beach make sure that you have a prior permit for the activity. This beach is gradually picking up for event-based tourism as well. The basic reason behind this demand can be contributed to the economy associated with the services that they are offering.

Play Hide and Seek with Nature and Storytelling in Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island California

For the kids it can become their favorite travel hunt destination, for couples, it can be a love spot hidden amidst the love oasis created by lakes in California, for the youngsters it can function as their favorite virtual world turning into reality. All the different segments of the people have different visions about this amazing destination and this destination is offering them something new all the time. You might have seen it in many films, the lighthouse at this island creates a mystique in the mind of a visitor and military garrison present on the location justifies it to its very core.  Explore this mystique and feel like a warrior lost on an island to save a princess.

Freshest Burgers Served and Prepared in an Old Fashion Way

Animal Burger in California

Travel to Mexico and you will find that there are many food joints that refused to go corporate way and continued with their lines of operation in the old-fashioned method. The streets of California also carry this old world charm and this you can witness inside any “In & Out” burger joint. This is one joint where they did not compromise on anything. Many of their practices and their basic culture are still the same as it was in the year of 1948. Try an animal burger and feed your appetite with timeless taste. Most of the other fast food joints lost their sheen because they are easily available everywhere and became a part of the routine. However, this joint did not lose its sheen because it is exclusive for the rest of the world and available for the people of California only.

Exotic Sceneries Clubbed Together in a Dense Geographical Landscape

Waterfalls in California

Visit to California for its exotic locales and exquisite sceneries, this look at the picture postcards while traveling on United Airlines. The variety of the landscapes will surprise you. You have more than five waterfalls, many mountain peaks, and glacier points and to top the list the lakes in California. It is an amazing location for you if you think that you are a wild photographer and your wild photography at Instagram can attract a fortune for you. However, never forget to carry extra batteries in your camera pouch because the variety here will make you a greedy photographer.

Beware of the Addictive Nature of LA and San Francisco 

SFO Airport

LA and San Francisco are two major touchdown platforms for most of the international tourists. United Airlines offer you great domestic and international connectivity to these two touchdown points. If you want to enjoy a mixed cocktail of urban and nature in a single shot during your visit to the California then excursion tours operating from these two cities can serve the purpose well for you. Apart from it, you can also use them as the boot camp of your journey in the region of California; once again, the connectivity network of United Airlines can become handy for you.

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