Top 5 Reasons to love Los Angeles

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Top 5 Reasons to love Los Angeles

If you have visited Hollywood, Venice Beach and Beverly Hills and aren’t all that fascinated by Los Angeles, then you are not alone. What visitors have in mind when they think about Los Angeles is pretty much narrowed down to these. But what you haven’t explored is the true city of Los Angeles. A city with vast diversity, culture, food, beaches, mountains and local getaways that seems so surreal and yet unexplored by the visitors. Check out on the international flight deals to explore the true Los Angeles. You will surely fall in love with the city and hesitate to go back to your home state.

#1. Diversity Is the Name

How does your day start in Los Angeles? It begins with yoga followed by piping hot coffee. For lunch how about some Japanese Sushi, Indian Roti bread, Chinese Noodles or the Mexican Burritos? Diversity is another name for Los Angeles and there are more than 100 languages spoken here from people of different countries. It is a true melting pot of culture and a fine blend that too. So when you strut around the popular tourist spots in Los Angeles you are sure to hear at least 100 different languages around you. If you are from Chicago, search for deals on Chicago flights so that you return home from your Los Angeles tour awestruck by its sheer diversity and culture.

#2. The World on a Platter

With diversity comes the food. Los Angeles is a gastronomical delight with multi-cuisine eateries and street foods dotting the famous neighborhoods. So you have the Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Brazilian, Indian or the Mexican eateries in close proximity having its share of customers within a 10-mile radius. And mind it, even a month wouldn’t suffice to taste the variety of snacks that each individual dining hub churns out. Book now on international flight deals and fly to Los Angeles to get a taste of this beautiful city through its food.

#3. Traffic, Better Not to Talk About It

Well, every big city has its share of traffic woes and Los Angeles is no different. You will be stuck in the traffic seemingly forever and ever. And the people here don’t recognize the freeways by name; it is rather referred to by its number 110, 210 and so on. Public transportation is never a preferred option and rather people would drive even if alone to places in Los Angeles. And that is why so are so stuck up when you feel you are just going round, round to get around. Then at least hope and pray that your plane ticket to Los Angeles (LAX) is cheap and you fly straight and not round like the dismal traffic in the city.

#4. There Is Never a Dull Time in Los Angeles

Beaches, mountains, nightlife, celebrity spotting, adventure, theme parks, arts, culture and business- you have everything in Los Angeles. The Venice Beach, Malibu Beach, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica Mountains, San Gabriel Range, Runyon Canyon and Griffith Park- nature is in bountiful when in Los Angeles. Attend the music concert in Disney Concert Hall or stare in bewilderment at the art collection in Getty Center, cheer for your favorite NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers or dress for fun in the West Hollywood’s Halloween Carnival- you cannot ask for more in Los Angeles. Search right away for deals on Chicago flights to Los Angeles if that route works out cheaper than the other routes to travel to this vibrant and colorful city.

#5. Beach Time Is Full Of Fun without the Disruptions of Rain

It is quite sunny in Los Angeles and the sun would shine brightly for at least 300 days for the year. Rain is scanty and pours only in the months of January and February. So when you book your plane ticket to Los Angeles, pack in only comfortable summer clothes. Don’t forget to pack your light jacket also because it tends to get chilly when the sun sets down. Actually, the weather is partly the reason why the city has become so popular with tourists. But that doesn’t mean that Los Angeles has no seasons. It has seasons but it never experiences extremes and that is the beauty of the Mediterranean climate.

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