Visit to Herge Museum

These are the top 5 places to visit in Belgium and book the cheapest flights in United Airlines to visit and enjoy your vacation.

Visit to Belgium Places

Belgium is a diverse, multicultural, historical and cosmopolitan country with it divided into two; the top-half is Dutch-speaking Flanders (Flemish) and the bottom half is French-speaking Wallonia. While this may seem complicated to a traveler with some German influences in the east, what is the plus side is that it offers diversity in the architecture, food and culture that an enthusiastic traveler can devour. From the places to visit in Belgium, whether it is Brussels or Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp, the country scores a high cent percent in the varied packages it offers in the best cities to visit in Belgium.

What Brussels Has to Offer?

Visit to Herge Museum

Brussels, the capital of Belgium is undoubtedly the charm of the country with wonderful architecture, museums, shops and restaurants. Just sip the coffee in one of the many cafes in the main La Grand Place square and stare in disbelief at the 17th century Baroque townhouses, guild houses and the Town Hall. Visit the futuristic Atomium built to represent the molecule’s nine atoms and get involved in the various exhibitions held there. Kids in particular would not want to miss going to the new Herge Museum which houses the famous cartoon characters. Book the cheapest flights to Belgium and give your kids and family a well deserved surprise.

Bruges- The Venice of the North

Visit Bruges

Bruges which is around an hour drive from Brussels is surrounded by an extensive network of canals and cobbled streets and is rightly called the Venice of the North. Visit the Belfry of Bruges which is a medieval bell tower and the Groeningemuseum which houses a comprehensive collection of Flemish and Belgian paintings. Chocolate stores are found in every street and there is a Choco-Story museum dedicated entirely to this sweet goody. List it in one of the best cities to visit in Belgium and see for yourself why it is called the Venice of the North.

Why Tourists Love Ghent?

Gravensteen Castle

When a city has a blend of good food, great art and medieval architecture, then tourists would naturally be attracted to it. Ghent is fairly small when compared to other European cites and the good part is that it is not overrun by tourists. Visit the 12th century Gravensteen Castle built for the count of Flanders. Also there is the Saint Baafskathedraal which is home to the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. This oil painting has a history much more fascinating than the work itself. Search for deals on United Airlines and visit this cathedral in Ghent to know the exciting story of the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.

The Sparkle at the Creative City of Antwerp

Antwerp Belgium

Antwerp in Flanders is the diamond capital of the world where more than 85% of the world’s rough and 50% of the cut diamonds are traded here. Try to buy a diamond if it is well within your budget and if the sparkling gems interest you then this is one of the places to visit in Belgium. Otherwise there are many tourist spots like the striking red sandstone Museum aan de Stroom, the Antwerp Zoo, Park Spoor Noord and the Nachtegalen park with walking paths, trees, picnic areas and wildlife viewing.

The Wellonia Region’s Capital City, Namur

Namur City Belgium

At the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers is the Namur Citadel fortress, which has 7km of underground passages and this structure of the Roman era has been rebuilt many times. For some relaxing small expeditions like the fishing and boating, travelers can visit the Sambre river front and enjoy the quiet tranquil atmosphere here. The outside towns of Namur that are Dinant and Wepion offer wonderful day trips. Wepion produces juicy and flavorful strawberry in the summer months and you can savor the fresh fruits from the farmers who line the streets to sell their produce. Book in one of the cheapest flights and soak in the rich red color of the strawberries.

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