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Psychology says that literature designed for children should be simple and close to nature. It should be colorful and it should feed their fantasies. Now close your eyes and remember the backdrops of all those fairy tales that you have read during the childhood. If you want to see, some of them live and feel the colors of the sky then trip to Alaska can certainly help you in getting an access to this fairy tale land. Here in this compilation, we are introducing five such places that have become a fairy tale postcard of Alaska. You might have heard about them in various lists where they promote places to visit in Alaska. However, this time you can explore them from a different point of view altogether.

Northern Lights for Fairy Tale Delights

Fairbanks area of Alaska

The winters in Alaska casts a different kind of magic. The season from September to mid-April quite often, witness the presence of the northern lights. The Fairbanks area of Alaska is quite popular for these northern lights when a color haze of green color mixed with the color of sun particles spreads in the sky and cast its magic. In most of the cases, this phenomenon takes place after midnight. A heavenly sight makes an appearance because of the presence of the magnetic field of the earth. No photograph can do complete justice to this midnight magic hour of the sky when all the artistic paintings made by great painters will become live right in front of your eyes.

Feel Like an Insider of Fairy Tale World while Visiting Inside Passage

Marine Highway Alaska

Inside passage is a marine highway that connects various tourist spots of Alaska with the help of a bay, a cruise trip on this passage can give you an access to 17 million acres of forest land where many scenic locals are located. Mountain, glaciers, ice fields and national parks are few attractions that you can enjoy here. You can book a United Airline flight and join inside passage at various key points from where the journey of the cruises began. This can also serve as a touch point of your journey as well when you seek connectivity between few places of choice for yourself.

Plan a Road Trip in the Fairy Tale World of Alaska while Visiting Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway

The byproduct of a warlike situation, Alaska Highway has become a major attraction to the tourist that is visiting Alaska. If you are seeking for proximity with human civilization in this fair tale world then Alaska Highway is the right place for that. You can find motels, shops and other establishments here. It is an ideal passage for recreational vehicle travelers. If you are seeking for places to visit in Alaska then this visit to this highway is a must in your itinerary.

Kenai Fjords National Park – Where a Panoramic View of This Fairytale World Is Waiting for You!

Kenai Fjords National Park Alaska. Glaciers

The panoramic views of nature in this national park will remind you all sceneries of the fairy tale world as they are depicted in various comic books. This park is a delight for sightseeing and an average selfie lover will feel delighted with the backdrops filled with rare vegetation and rare breed of bears. The access to this park from the Railroad system and highway also makes it a convenient place for excursions, if your main destination is nearby. A trip to Alaska with an intention to visit a fairy tale land is incomplete without this destination.

Plan a Hiking Expedition in the Wonderland of Iditarod National Historic Trail

Wonderland of Iditarod National Historic Trail Alaska

Covering a distance of approximately 2,300 miles between Nome and Seward, this national historic trail is a bed of ice designed for adventure activities. Every square inch of this historic trail is full of some stories created by gold prospectors and ancient hunter. When we talk about the places to visit in Alaska from the perspective of a fairy tale world then this place holds the reputation of being a cold battleground where warriors can flex their arms and enjoy the rush of the adrenal pumping in them. A trail dog race sometimes breaks the quite of this ice-clad land. When you plan a trip to Alaska then check the event calendar a little more closely.

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