Bahama Beach

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Bahama Beach

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The romance-filled, joyous couples have the new destination for their share. The sugary-white sands of Bahamas’ Islands coupled with shiny turquoise color waters are all set to set the tone right for creating a memorable lovemaking. The overwhelmingly crowd, with less-trodden shores, and widespread beaches are too luxurious for anyone to enjoy the moments of togetherness to perfection. Indeed, the best beaches in Bahamas are sure to set your mood high!

#1. The Pink Sands Beach at the Harbor Island

Pink Sands Beach at the Harbor Island

Enjoy your trip to Bahamas at the silky, pink Pink-Sands-Beach’s shoreline along the Harbor Island. The famous Harbor Island in Bahamas’ harbors the pale pink silky shoreline which is why it is named as Pink Sands Beach. This 3 mile long beach is an ethereal oasis for the honeybees on the honeymoon. The well-designed, low cost villas and low-to-medium height hotels are distant apart from each other to give you a sense of complete isolation. Due to its small expanse, the life at this Pink Sands beach is slow-paced in comparison to other bigger Bahamian islands that will take you miles away from the noisy world around. With coral reef found just offshore and the turquoise waters around, you are bound to feel too seductive, and you can always spice it up and chase your instincts to make it personal for your partner.

#2. Paradise Island’ Paradise Beach

Paradise Island Paradise Beach

Your trip to Bahamas is incomplete without this incredible stretch of sand at the Paradise Island. The Paradise Island is famous for its very oppressive sense of seclusion that one may feel even if it is one of the busiest islands in Bahamas.  The crystal-clear water flanking the Northern shore is not only warm, but heart-warming, and the powdery-white sand is sure to remind your senses the tranquility that they have been longing for.  This 1 mile long beach has recently come up with the construction of a marvel in the form of Cove Atlantis Hotel which for the larger part is still open for public. You can opt to laze around the pristine coastline or rent some snorkeling and diving equipment to dig deep into the cerulean sea in complete isolation with your partner.

#3. Saddle Cay Located at the Exumas

Saddle Cay beach

Saddle Cay is amongst the best beaches in Bahamas. The small island coastline of Saddle Cay, Exumas with its curved shores is one of the most picture-perfect island of Bahamas’. You can cruise along in a boat from Nassau to the Cay where you can unwind yourself amidst the pure tropical bliss. The untouched glory of nature is never being altered by any of the restaurants or hotels to sully its blissful shoreline. This brilliant combo of sea beach and the shiny sun is known for admiring the visitors for its quiet afternoon where they can enjoy snorkeling or go out in open for a picnic date. You can travel to the Cay only via a boat where you might be lucky to enact like Adam and Eve on the planet.

#4. Exumas’ Stocking Island

Exumas Stocking Island

Your quest to find privacy in the lap of the Mother Nature ends upon reaching the Stocking Island, Exumas. The Stocking Island is famous for its snow white shores located just a mile away from the capital of Exumas Island, i.e., port Georgetown.  The 3-4 mile long Stocking Island is outlined by hotels and the beach is innervated by glorious walking trails, and the beach itself has smattered seashells illuminating the true colors of life. The visit to the “Mystery Cave” of Stocking Island is going to be a lifetime experience for both of you. Here, you may find the best of snorkelers or divers trying their hands on brushing their skills. You can also chat and chill in the beach bar with a garden-fresh conch salad.

#5. Cat Island That Is at the South Region of Bahamas

Cat Island Bahama

The widespread white sandy shores of Cat Island are a playground for many love birds who seek privacy. This 6th largest unblemished island of Bahamas is nearly 50 miles long and still remains wild mostly. The beaches of Cat Island can be accessed easily via a boat that will ride you to this wonderful masterpiece of nature. The romantic Fernandez Bay Village Resort is the most preferred destination if you wish to spend some quality time with your special one. The beach on this resort is well kept, and you will find it certainly awe-inspiring to calm your nerves down.

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