Cheap Flight Day

Enjoy your travel with cheap flights booking and explore the destinations to the full.

Cheap Flight Day

The Best Time to Fly Cheap

If you are a family person with kids, then you necessarily need to coincide your travel plans with the kids’ vacation. But if not, then why not take advantage of the off-season to travel? Off-season is the best time to travel with airfares offering best deals on their flights to select destinations and also the hotels offer discounts on their stay packages. Search online for some good offers on flights and you might be lucky to strike a deal for the cheap flight day.

Is There a Cheap Flight Day?

Well, if you think so, yes. August end is the time when summer quickly comes to a close and the kids are back to school. That is the time when the weather starts to cool down and people start to travel. This is the time when the demand for travel by air decreases and so the airlines decrease the fares. The fair continues to remain low till about the Thanksgiving. This is the time window ideal to purchase the long-haul and international cheap flight deals on tickets. Some of the travel companies have dubbed August 24th as the “Cheap Flight Day”, but this is more of a transition period from the peak to the off-peak season. All airlines offer concession on tickets from late August till the first week of September.

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Grab the International Travel Offers That Come Your Way

International Flights Offers

If you are planning on international destinations then the cheapest time of the end of August is the time not to be missed. On an average there is a 30% drop in travel prices for international travel, according to CheapOair. So if Spain, Madrid or Barcelona is on your bucket list, start making your travel plans now. Also travelling to famous tourist destinations in Asia like Vietnam, Thailand or Philippines allows you to save $300 or more for a person on flight fares. So travel to your preferred destination and enjoy relaxing or shopping, you know that you have struck a deal with the cheap travel and stay.

You Are Ever-Ready for Domestic Travel

On cheap flight day, air travel allows you to save considerably on domestic flights. So be it a one-way trip or a round trip, search for good offers from the airlines. When it comes to domestic flights, you could also save up to 10-15% on flights to Chicago, Seattle, Miami, and Phoenix etc. The prices as given above are not fixed and may fluctuate each day.

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Plan Your Travel Well in Advance to Coincide with the Cheap Flight Day

Book Cheap Flights

Booking for cheap flight deals is only a part of your job for hassle-free travelling. You need to plan everything right from packing to stay in hotels to get the best of your holiday. Do some online hunt of the places to be visited in and nearby the destination so that you are well-prepared before you land in there. Plan in advance, about things that need fast action like the hotel and airfare deals. When the airlines offer deals, grab it soon before all the seats get filled. The best fares don’t last that long that you start making planning after you see the deal. So know about the offers being made on this cheap flight day and seal the deal as soon as it is announced. You are now a smart traveler, aren’t you?

Know the Terms and Conditions Beforehand When Booking for Flights

When you are planning to book air flight deals know the rules and regulation regarding the cancellation of tickets. Read the terms and conditions for that particular airlines or better is to book through some reliable websites for air travel. The websites are aware of the cancellation policies and they guide you about the booking process so that you get a hassle-free travel plan., a credible online travel website, has calculated that second week of September is generally the cheapest time for summer travel. The site found some direct-flight, round-trip deals you could take advantage of now, which are as follows:

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