Travel to Cuba

Capture some sweet memories while roaming in the sugar bowl of modern world travel to Cuba.

Travel to Cuba

Cuba has won the moniker of being the sugar bowl of the modern world. Here we would like to share one more fact; the cost of living in Cuba is very low in comparison with rest of the world. The third important factor is associated with the Cuban cigars that quantify the fun-loving nature of this land. The set of these reasons is not sufficient for your search for cheap flights to Cuba. Then read this compilation of the facts and feel motivated.

Things to Do in Cuba – The List Begins with an Exploration Trip to Havana

Feel like Christopher Columbus because he also did the same thing in Cuba,  the streets of Havana offers four plazas where you can purchase souvenirs and test some chunky cigars while counting your shopping. If you are an avid history reader then a walk in these streets can transform you to a bygone era because the architecture, culture and the warmth of the people are still the same. Explore this place with an intellectual point of view and some lessons of the life are in store. These lessons will teach you about your quest in life. Check that are you in the pursuit of happiness or you are chasing a mirage in the name of this “pursuit of happiness.”

Pick a Cuban Family and Be Ready for Royal Treatment in Earthy Atmosphere

Accommodation with a Cuban family

Cuba has a distinctive culture of hospitality, travel to Cuba and stay in a rented accommodation with a Cuban family. Adapt yourself to their lifestyle for a day or two and you will find the exact meaning of this phrase when they say, “eat, drink and be merry, tomorrow we have to die.” You can fix an American plan or a continental plan for the meals. This type of stay is always cheaper in comparison with the hotel stays where taxes and undue luxury taxes burdens your regular bills for mediocre services. This service with a personal touch is always a better bet when you plan a travel to Cuba.

Explore This Sleeping Town on a Slow Pace of Bicycle

Cuba looks good on bicycles, come out of the main town and you will realize that heads in the street will outnumber the vehicles. A cyclist can be termed as a fast-moving object on these roads. The cost of living is low and exploration of this place on a bicycle brings it on a further lower side. Unlike a destination where pushy cab owners disrupt you, Cuba is very calm and you can always interact with real and unmasked people. It is a playground of faces where you can find your space and score in the form of friendship relationships.

Enjoy the Music in Buena Vista Local Club

Buena Vista Club Cuba

Enjoy the best of the club culture in the era of social networking sites, the clubs of Cuba allows you to mingle with the dress circle crowd of the city. Here you can search out for like minded people and explore the real Cuban mindset, which is ruling the country right now. Music and Cigars is an ideal companion for these socialite club outings. Enjoy local wines in the bar and have a cheerful time in the real Cuban style.

A Trip to Cigar Factory Can Change Your Perspective about Life

During the 16th and 17th century tobacco was an important commodity that was connecting the Europe with Trinidad and Cuba. The cigar factories of Cuba represents that class war where a citizen in the third world country was producing the status symbol for a person living in the first world. Try to purchase a smuggled packet of Cigar and get lucky during your visit in Havana.

Visit the Starting Point of the Journey of Christopher Columbus in Cuba

Baracoa Cuba

The name of this place is Baracoa, Christopher Columbus landed at this place during the 15th century. Here we would like to add a travel tip for you, search out for the letters that Christopher Columbus wrote to his bosses and you will understand the real essence of this land. Baracoa is a place where people enjoy their proximity to nature and culture. You will also feel the pinch of it during your visit here.

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