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Places to Visit in Cuba

A Round-trip from Florida to Cuba Known as Life

If this title gives you an impression that you are all set to read a novel then we would like to add a correction. The best places to visit in Cuba will make you a writer and you help you in writing a memorable chapter of your life that will be known as a “trip to Cuba.” It all will start from the time when you will type united airlines book a flight in the search bar of your search engine and a list will open in front of you while searching for the rates and destinations in Cuba you should keep certain things in your mind and this compilation is all about that.

Land in the Garden of Kings at Jardines Del Rey

Jardines Del Rey Cuba

It is believed that the history of human civilization was started in a garden. Your journey to the best places to visit in Cuba should also start in the garden of Jardines del Rey which is a common name for a chain of the islands like Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Paredon and Cayo Romano. The history of tourism at these places is relatively new; this you can ascertain by the fact that first-ever hotel was launched in this country came in existence some two decades ago. Pluck some forbidden fruits in this garden of beaches that are bejeweled with exclusive and economic resorts.

Maria La Gorda Is Developing Itself as a Pilgrimage of Divers

Maria La Gorda Cuba

Beaches are stationary and waves are traveling, Maria La Gorda declines this statement completely. This beach is exploring its own depth and gradually becoming a learning and experimentation center for the divers across the world. Try your hands at Scuba diving and snorkeling when you are visiting this beach. Discover a new face of the Caribbean Sea when you are here in Maria La Gorda.

The Old Political Capital Has Turned into New Fun Capital of Cuba

Baracoa beach Cuba

The town located next to the Baracoa beach was once a center of political activity in the history of Cuba. This place still makes it in the list of the places to visit in Cuba because of its beach and a lush green forest in the neighboring area. It is a beach with a difference where you can feel the pulse of a culture, which belongs to the 16th century. Sunny days at the beach and happening evenings in the village are the tourism mantra that you can recite while typing the words united airlines book a flight.

Visit a French Oasis in Cuba and Have Fun at Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos Cuba

Cienfuegos is a small town in Cuba, which is developed on the lines of French small towns; it is a well-preserved town where you can find all French architecture at its very best. The culture of the city also promotes French value. Amidst this all, you have a beach by your side to have fun. Vacation rentals are easily available in this town. Have Cuban style of fun at the beaches during the day and mark your evenings with Romantic French dinners can become your ideal routine when you are traveling at this beach.

Welcome to the Land of Cuban Cigars Here in Vinales

Cuban Cigars Vinales

Heritage and wildlife authorities of Cuba identify this place as an ideal national park and heritage site. Local economy identifies it as the ultimate economic hub running on the fuels of famous Cuban Cigars. As a tourist, you will remember it as a distinctive place where a misty and smoky valley is waiting for you. Have a look at any list promoting the places to visit in Cuba here you will find that Vinales is also known as the calling card of the Cuba. Never forget three keywords, tobacco, mountain, and caves when you are in Vinales. Visit a Cigar factory and search for smuggled cigar deals, it will double the fun of smoking, get an access to the caves in the area and feel that you are on a soft hiking trip. Boating in adjacent water bodies is also a good idea when you are in Vinales.

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