Six things to know before visiting Los Angeles

Book your ticket to Los Angeles on a low cost airline today and don’t forget to pack the jackets and the sunscreen.

6 things to know before visiting Los Angeles

Neon lights, aspiring movie stars and dash with celebrities- if this is the picture you get when you think of Los Angeles, then know that there is much more to this city than what is regularly featured. You cannot be blamed though and the truth is far more nuanced. You have working-class folks, gastronomical delights and innumerable places to visit that even a lifetime could be possibly less, forget the weekends. Here below is a compilation of six things to know before your trip to Los Angeles.

#1. Los Angeles Is Sunny but That Doesn’t Mean That You Can Forgo Your Jackets

Yes, Los Angeles is often sunny with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. But nights can present a different story altogether. You can expect chilly winds accompanied by occasional rains. Check the weather forecast for your travel date plans and pack your luggage accordingly. Just don’t forget to pack your jacket which is necessary when the sun goes down. Also, pack the sunscreen, sunglasses and hat because the sun in the day is very hot and unrelenting. Sometimes a full day spent in Venice Beach may give you sunburn, so it always better to mitigate the harmful effects of UV rays by the application of sunscreen. Wherever you plan to visit on your trip to Los Angeles, it is always advisable to carry a bottle of water with you.

#2. There Is Lot to See So Plan Your Trip Wisely

Santa Monica Beach L.A.

New York and Tokyo are tall, but Los Angeles is wide. So when you are planning to visit popular tourist spots like Monica or Venice Beach, don’t try to jumble it up with Echo Park visit. Consider the driving distance and the rush hour traffic when you want to combine two places in your travel itinerary. Better still is to rent an accommodation that is close to your must-see attractions. When making your last minute travel deals online, search and book for both the travel tickets and stay together through some reliable travel portal.

#3. Though Alcohol Is Expensive, Try Out the Innovative Cocktail Mixes

Prices are on the higher side for whiskey or even coke at a trendy downtown or the popular Hollywood hotspots. Travelers may find it tough to gulp down the drinks when it costs nothing less than $12, but for those who don’t mind spending it on a cocktail, go to the crafty lounges. Los Angeles has the best creative mixologists and bar-keepers who whip up some heady innovative concoctions. For people who are planning a trip to Los Angeles, know that the permissible drinking age is 21 like in the rest of United States.

#4. Know and Study the Public Transit System

Los Angeles Public Transport

Many of the neighborhoods in Los Angeles have train connections. It is always better to stay in accommodations near the Los Angeles Metro stops. This will save you the cost of car rentals and cab hires. The Red Line, Purple Line, Gold Line and the Expo Line combined with Uber rides cover literally the entire city saving you a great deal of time and money. Book tickets in low cost airlines to Los Angeles and have fun traveling the length and breadth of the city through the planned itinerary.

#5. Los Angeles and Its Famous Street Food

When in Los Angeles please entertain yourself to the best of tacos and hot dogs from the street trucks. While it may seem odd at first to binge on the lip-smacking Mexican burritos or the variety of desserts, you will start loving it later because nothing beats the convenience of cheap flavorful street food. This is a must do for all the pleasure seekers who are on a trip to Los Angeles.

#6. Famous Hotspots Aside, There Are Many More Memorable Destinations

Zuma beach in Los Angeles

Hollywood Walk of Fame, Venice Boardwalk, Rodeo drive or the Hollywood signs are the tourist spots not to be missed. But other than these there are also some awesome places like the Getty Center, Huntington Library, Griffith Observatory, El Matador State Beach or the Zuma which would provide an ideal fling with the diversity of Los Angeles. Keep all these in mind even when making last minute travel deals to LA.


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